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The Ruby Cora - An Idyllic Escape

As I turn onto a gravel driveway labeled The Ruby Cora, awe washes over me. The driveway ridges along a hill, and fields outline either side. It feels as if this were a path to a tranquil world untouched by the real one.

Nestled just 2.5 miles from I-24, The Ruby Cora sits on Gunn Farm; a 140 acre working century farm established in 1886.

the ruby cora building surrounded by a sunset

Moments after pulling in Marcia Clark welcomes me. She and her husband, Nathan, co-own The Ruby Cora.

We tour through the wedding and event venue. Loving attention exudes from every detail, all centered around the guest experience.

The Great Hall overlooks a beautiful pond and acres of idyllic farm land. An open air lounge area is arranged around a cozy, outdoor fireplace.

open are lounge area of The Ruby Cora in Adams TN

Behind two unassuming white doors are the bride and groom prep rooms. The bride's prep room is bright and welcoming, full of mirrors, and overlooks the farm for privacy. The groom's prep room is masculine with leather furniture and a television. Both rooms have direct access to the restroom and an exterior door.

Bride's prep room of the Ruby Cora in Adams TN

“I tell all my brides they are family now.”

The modern event center contains all the comfort of home, but with touches of the farm's legacy and memories woven into its design.

While standing in the Great Hall, Marcia introduced me to “Granny,” a ficus tree resting in the corner of the Great Hall and adorned with white lights. “Granny” was just a twig in 1996 when Marcia's real granny, Cora, passed away.

“Granny taught me about growing things. She would have loved The Ruby Cora.”

a large, indoor ficus tree at The Ruby Cora in Adams, TN

She reminisced about her great-grandmother Lulu Belle Gunn. “She rang the bell for my great grandfather to come in from working the fields to eat..” This bell, Marcia said, was what started her love for bells.  Appropriately so, the 40 foot steel tower outside the Ruby Cora is named the Lulu Belle Tower, after her great-grandmother.

a picture of the steel bell tower at the top of the Ruby Cora in Adams TN

This fairy tale oasis isn't exclusive for brides.  Marcia mentioned hosting a wide variety of events at the modern event venue–from art shows, military and corporate events, and even the building and grounds are available to photographers for family, senior, maternity, and milestone sessions.

“I'm most happy when the Great Hall filled with people, celebrating together.”

Have you been to The Ruby Cora yet?? If not, be prepared, pictures don't do it justice!!

the indoor bar and catering area of the Ruby Cora in Adams, TN

An externior, close-up view of the Ruby Cora in Adams, TN

Heartfelt emotion

Thoughtfully captured,

Timelessly preserved.

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