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The O. Family - Clarksville Family Photographer

It was the tail end of Clarksville’s autumn when the sweet O. family and I met for their family portrait session. The last of the golden leaves held tightly to branches not quite coaxed down by the cold breeze.

autumn outdoor portrait of a large family

Mom told me this was their second portrait session as a family. She was eager to preserve the memory of each child in this current season. From enthusiasm, sympathy, inquisitiveness, and tenacity - each child had their own personality, and my goal was to capture portraits where that shone.

outdoor autumn portrait of three young girls

While designing the details for their session, Mom mentioned how much she loved sunflowers and had grown up planting them for as long as she could remember. She had fond memories of the beautiful blooms. In a variety of ways, she felt the happy, joyful flower mirrored her own life.

outdoor autumn portrait of a family laughing together

Their portrait wardrobe imitated the yellow and cream of sunflowers against a blue sky and blended with their home’s rustic farmhouse decor. Mom incorporated flower crowns with sunflower-like blooms, and one shirt even had sunflower eyelet designs on the sleeves! These sweet details connected to Mom’s sentiment.

outdoor portrait of two sisters laughing

Finally, we chose a location sentimental to everyone. During warmer weather, the whole family would explore and play along the riverbank and in a nearby field - and we took portraits on the old rustic bridge and along the same river’s edge.

outdoor fall portrait of a mom walking with her daughters

Mom told me she loved candid portraits, and I came prepared with goofy games to play. The kids joined in adding their own variations. My favorite moment from the session was when the oldest daughter asked if they could pretend like they all had elephant ears using the gigantic leaves littered around us. I gave the kids 30 seconds to race and find their best set of ‘ears,’ then I coached them to give me their best “goofy elephant” pose.

outside portrait of children being goofy with autumn leaves

Heartfelt emotion

Thoughtfully captured,

Timelessly preserved.

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