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Shade Tree Farm | An Enchanting Farm Experience

Midway between Clarksville and Springfield sits Shade Tree Farm–a enchanting orchard and farm boasting over 700 apple and peach trees, blackberries, blueberries, and quarter-acre sunflower patch.

Sarah Head-the co-owner with her husband, Farmer Tom-described how the orchard came to be.

“It started with a few apple trees Tom planted in the mid-90’s.”

As the trees grew and produced apples, Sarah and Tom started thinking about what they could do with the apples. In 2007, they decided they would start selling the apples.

“Easter was late, and we had a late hard frost right around that time.” Sarah explained.

Although the cold damaged many of the apples that year, the following year Sarah and Tom tried again.

“We sold U-pick bags from a flatbed wagon.”

Folks came from Clarksville and the surrounding communities for the U-pick apple experience.

In 2009, they built the shop which hosts syrups, jams, jellies, and local handmade items. 

In 2010 they added the cider room to the shop. The apples they harvest from the orchard are used to make their apple cider.

“We started out making cider with a 1910 hand-crank reproduction cider press.”

The reproduction still sits in the shop today and visiting kids on field trips can see it in action.

In addition to pressed cider by the gallon, they sell apple cider slushies in the shop-a refreshing treat on a hot Tennessee summer (or fall) day.  

“The slushies are a favorite to many people, and our signature item.”

Although fall is the official start of apple season, each season offers its own unique experience at Shade Tree.

Springtime is magical when the apple and peach trees are dressed in puffy pink and white blossoms.

Summer is the start of berry season and the annual Pancake Breakfast.

Blueberry picking season officially opens on the 4th of July.

“Some folks have told me that the picking blueberries at Shade Tree is their 4th of July tradition.” Sarah told me.

This year, the pancake breakfast takes place on Saturday, July 11 from 7:30 - 10:30A. After enjoying a scrumptious breakfast of home-made pancakes and fresh berries, pick your own blueberries from the patch right behind the store. [Purchase your ticket here!]

Autumn is the start of apple picking season which starts Labor Day weekend and runs until the apples run out. 

The farm also hosts field trips for local schools. School kid learn about farm life and where their food comes from all while experiencing a beautiful, natural, setting.

Shade Tree also hosts casual, intimate weddings anywhere on the property.

Follow Shade Tree to stay up to date with upcoming events like the Pancake Breakfast, a Peach Ice Cream social in August, and the start of apple picking season.

Sarah regularly posts on their Facebook page and website.

If you’re looking to escape into a beautiful place and share a farm experience with your family – then stop and stay a while at Shade Tree Farm and Orchard!


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