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Mildred & Mable's | A Nostalgic Downtown Boutique

As you wander through Downtown Clarksville, be sure to stop by Mildred and Mable’s at 109 Franklin Street.

This sweet, vintage boutique offers unique finds from cute clothing and accessories, décor and gifts, and a fun dose of nostalgia.

Andrea Herrera, the owner, shared with me how Mildred and Mable’s started.

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted a store.”

Andrea recalls her great-grandparent’s running their own general mercantile. “It was still in business when I was little.”

The original cash register her great-grandfather used in the mercantile now sits prominently next to the more modern Square reader.

“It a 1903 nickel plated copper cash register from the National Cash Register Company, so it’s heavy. Each employee had their own cash drawer.”

When asked how she decided on opening a boutique, Andrea described herself as a collector of old things. She recalled how she and another military spouse spent numerous weekends visiting estate sales searching for the next unique find.

Some of those estate-sale and unique finds they sold in booths. Others of those original finds make up the backbone of the eclectic décor of Mildred and Mable’s.

109 Franklin Street was once the home of a furniture store, but since the 1999 Tornado, the building had sat vacant for years. Andrea walked through the building shortly after the tornado and thought she would contact the owner and offer to buy it.

At the time, the owner said she was keeping a list of prospective buyers.

“In 2010, I think I just happened to call her the right time. It was a God thing. She said she’d sell the building to me if I would make it a retail space.” 

Mildred and Mable's opened in 2011.

Mildred and Mable’s borrows a name from each of Andrea’s great-grandmothers.

“They were both very special women who influenced me a lot and lived until I was married and out of college. I couldn’t imagine anyone better to name a boutique after.”

A picture of each of her grandparents sits behind the checkout counter.

Mildred and Mable’s stocks a treasure trove of unique and interesting finds.

Some of the most popular items have been replica vintage items like lip gloss retro puzzles, or really anything she can find from the 80’s and 90’s.

Andrea hopes these items brings a memory of fun nostalgia to visitors.

“I love the people that I’ve been able to meet through Mildred and Mable’s. Some of the sweetest girls from Austin Peay have worked for me and they’ve become like family to me.”

She also enjoys the creative aspect of the store - designing the layout and decorating. Many of her vintage finds over the years are scattered throughout the boutique.

“Like that old locker, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it when I found it.”

Most recently, Andrea has added a “God Bless” mural to the back of her building.

The black and white mural stands next to the Isabella & Sophia entrance and in large, block white letters states “GOD BLESS with “Clarksville, TN” in smaller letters below.

Andrea came up with the design, idea, and color scheme for the mural. Olasubomi Aka-Bashorun, a local artist and muralist, painted it.

Since its creation, the mural has quickly become an iconic stop for passersby and photographers.

“I wanted it to be something inspiring. One day, I was driving to visit my daughter in Auburn, and I saw a sign, Bless You, and I thought that was good, but it just needed God in it.”

“Although we’re not open on Sunday’s – that’s God’s day – I love to drive by and see the families stopping by the mural and taking pictures.”

Next year, marks Mildred and Mable’s ten-year anniversary. Andrea has some exciting things planned to celebrate.

Stay tuned to their Facebook and Instagram channels to learn about their latest vintage finds and be sure to stop by next time you’re Downtown!


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