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Menkveld Farm | A Family-owned Lavender Farm

Did you know there's a family-owned lavender farm with a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere just outside of Nashville?

Elizabeth Menkveld - who runs Menkveld Farm with her husband, Nathan- showed me around their picturesque property.

Behind their farmhouse is the lavender field.

“We started in 2017 with about 300 lavender plants and added a few more every year.”

She and her husband have a deep love for all things outdoor—camping, rock climbing—and flower farming was a natural extension that love.

“When I was a kid, I loved homesteading and gardening.  And farming has so many natural benefits, like stress relief.”

The lavender field now homes nearly 500 lavender plants of several varieties with varying bloom times.

“We originally chose lavender because it’s pretty and has many uses. You can dry it or use it fresh. It is versatile—you can use it in cooking or enjoy a bouquet.

To the right, beyond the lavender field, is a sunflower patch and an open space sloping down towards a babbling brook. Beyond the brook, a beautiful upper field surrounded by a wood line.

“One day, I’d love to fill that field with flowers too.”

Although they are not a certified organic, Menkveld Farm strives to observe organic practices with all their produce.

“We care a lot about the quality of products, and we want the families who visit us to feel safe. We want them to have a safe experience and to be confident they will be safe using our products. That is why we don’t use ingredients that we wouldn’t feel safe using with our own family.”

During the month of June when the lavender is in bloom, Menkveld Farm hosts families and photographers alike. Although lavender is a favorite time, they are open throughout the year.

“There is so much to do and explore here.” 

Families can meet the three Ancona ducks that in a pen by the barn.

In keeping with organic practices, the Menkveld’s chose them for their excellent foraging ability and sweet disposition.

“The ducks keep down the slugs in the garden without damaging the plants like chickens might.”

Families can U-pick lavender and sunflower bouquets when the flowers are in bloom.  The treeline around the property is gorgeous in autumn.

“We want any visit to be simple, easy, and enjoyable.” Elizabeth explained. “We have put together an online scheduling system for photographers, and we’ve sought to provide answers to questions families may have before they come to visit us. But if someone has a question about visiting us, they can always contact us.”

Menkveld Farm also hosts public open farm events and is available for reservation for private events like intimate weddings. 

They host farm events year around. Find out about their next event on their website.

You can also keep in touch by following Menkveld Farm on Facebook or Instagram.

This summer, if you’re looking for a scenic escape from the city, then pack a picnic lunch, stop by Menkveld Farm, pick a beautiful bouquet, and explore this welcoming, natural farm just outside of Nashville.

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