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Hey Belle Boutique | Southern Charm and Hospitality

Looking for a cozy, welcoming ladies' boutique to find your next perfect outfit?

Check out Springfield, Tennessee's Hey Belle Boutique!  The selection of comfortable, trendy styles is only surpassed by their exceptional southern hospitality.

I met with Laurie Riley, co-owner of Hey Belle with Olivia Haines, who told me how the ladies' boutique was born out of a love for their small town.  

“Olivia always had a small rack of trendy clothing outside her hair studio and Hey Belle just grew from there.” She recalled.

In 2014, Hey Belle began at the Christmas Sampler. With great support from the local community, Laurie and Olivia started selling their ladies' styles from their farm house just outside of Spring field.

“Folks traveled every Tuesday and Thursday night to shop.”

In 2015, Hey Belle moved into the 3rd Floor Trimble Building on the Square in Springfield. Finally, in the Spring of 2018, Hey Belle Boutique moved into the 628 Building on West Court Square.

Laurie described the Historic 628 Building's original use.

“It was built in 1930.  The bottom part was where they sold tires and gas. The upstairs was the original home of the WSIX-AM radio station.”

Hey Belle always stocks a curated selection of trendy and affordable ladies' styles, shoes, and accessories.  Their spring collection is an assortment of soft dresses, cute sandals, feminine tops, comfortable denim, and chic jewelry.

For formal events, Hey Belle offers the Chantilly Belle dress line - tulle, lace, or printed infinity gowns with a versatile design for your next date night or event.

One of my favorite services for Hey Belle clients is personal styling.  Even if you aren’t 100% sure what you are looking for or how to choose the most flattering styles for your figure - they are happy to help by designing your next perfect outfit.

Their passion for the community extends far past providing a welcoming place for ladies to shop. Throughout Hey Belle’s existence, Laurie and Olivia have creatively supported other small, local businesses.

“We love the relationships we have built with Hey Belle.”

Earlier this year, Hey Belle Boutique hosted a Prom Dress Finesse. Young ladies from the surrounding community came to consign their gently used formal dresses at the boutique. After collecting hundreds of dresses, Hey Belle Boutique held a special weekend event in February devoted to finding new homes for these previously loved dresses.

For the past several weekends Hey Belle has hosted small business pop-ups on their patio. They invite local, small businesses to set up a table or booth outside.

On a single weekend, small businesses selling antiques, custom hanging baskets, or delicious goodies like gourmet cakes and cookies might be set up on the patio.

“The best way to know what’s going on is to follow us on Facebook or Instagram. We post everything there.”

Ladies' summer styles are arriving daily!

Drop by to find your perfect pieces for this summer! And don't forget to follow Hey Belle Boutique on Facebook and Instagram!


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