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K. Family - Daegu, South Korea

Fall in Daegu is over now, but the leaves, when they were peaking, were absolutely stunning. The mountains behind us were adorned in colorful autumn beauty - and I love autumn!!

I had the privilege of capturing some beautiful portraits of this little man and his mom. Before the session, Mom warned me he didn't like having his picture taken. No problem, instead of a traditional session - we decided to do a play session and Mom brought some of his favorite toys. Following more in the format of a lifestyle session, we set up a pile of Legos. "I'll tell you when I'm finished!" He told me while he worked on his creation. The rest of the time we played with a dump truck, hunted for a good stick, and tossed handfuls of leaves into the air into beautiful light.

Here are some of my favorite shots -

autumn family session mother and son


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