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C. Family - Daegu, South Korea

To be honest, I hardly can believe that I'm taking clients in South Korea now. Not in my wildest dreams did I ever think that when I started my business, I'd end up capturing families on the other side of the world!

Enough of the nostalgia - the C. family was my first client session in South Korea - and they were a blast to photograph! They chose to wear traditional Korean attire, called hanbok (한복), for their family pictures, which blended beautifully with the fall foliage on the mountain. These kids were super sweet, each with their own personalities - and a ton of fun to capture in their element. I always aim for at least one or two candid shots any children, just being kids, with each session. This time, my partner in crime - a ladybug that happened to land nearby during the shoot - proved to be the perfect distraction.

family portrait session in Daegu, South Korea
family portrait session in Daegu, South Korea, young girl, outside, mother, young boy, father
fun family portrait session in Daegu, South Korea in the autumn
family portrait session with a son and father in Daegu, South Korea


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