the storyteller behind the camera

about the artist


It's so lovely to meet you!! 


I am an unexpected world traveler and guilty of reading the last chapter of a book first.  [Don’t cringe!]  


As a child, I remember my fascination with the stories of past generations - spurred on by the physical portraits hanging in my grandmother's home.   These portraits connected me to these stories.

Around middle-school - my parents gave me a camera - and it’s been my side-kick-story-teller since then - from family gatherings to foreign lands. 

Portrait photography is an extension of that storytelling.   Stories live longer, are remembered better, and retold around portraits. 

My style is deeply intentional.  Your portraits aren't just pretty pictures of your family at a moment in time.   There is a layer and depth that should convey the relationship, rich emotion, details, and unique family journey - so that your final artwork is more than a "yearly family picture" - it is an iconic piece of art to cherish a lifetime.

If you're ready to begin crafting artwork of your family story, then let's chat!